The mission of Illambazar Nursing Institute is to enhance academic knowledge and competitive skills among nursing students. This institute also has the mission to develop a new generation of skills, knowledge, and learning experience with an innovative approach.



The vision of this institute is to develop skilled, talented, and excellent future nursing leaders and professionals who will engage themselves to save people’s life. Institute also has the vision to encourage the skills of future professionals to develop new ideas and pursue research activities in the field of nursing.


      • To provide competent class Room learning with highly interactive and productive environment.
      • To equip young nursing professionals with wide range of hands on training and exposure to all specialties.
      • To train young brain with knowledge, skill and power to handle any kind of situation with improvised techniques.
      • To developed positive attitude among student community to serve the needy public in order to develop healthy nation.
      • To developed and strengthen the young nursing professional’s personality through curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.